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March 29, 2014. This was the date my Old Story ended and a new one began. The Life I lived prior to that date was shattered. It was the day I lost my 24-year-old son Matthew to a motorcycle accident. There are no words adequate enough to describe the devastation. I was lost and it nearly killed me.  I had lost my joy, had no peace, and only felt pain. Part of my new life journey to healing, peace, and a sense of joy again involved woodworking. One of the last times Matthew and I were together alone was when we took a road trip from Texas to Georgia to my niece’s wedding. He wanted it to be a dad-son-only road trip. We took his shiny new car for the trip.  We had a few days to visit relatives during the trip and while there, I asked him to take me by my grandparent’s old property. The only thing left on that property was an old barn. We looked around and I tore off a 3-foot piece to bring back to Texas as a keepsake. He asked, "What are you doing with that dusty piece of wood?"

I said, "I'm taking it back to Texas.” He said, "How are you getting it back?"  I said, "In your car...duh!"  He said "Oh no! You are not putting that thing in my car!” We went back and forth for a few minutes, but eventually, he gave in and had me take off my shirt and he took his shirt off so we could wrap it up so his shiny new car would not get dirty. This trip happened a year prior to his death and I treasure this memory. I never realized how precious that old dusty board would become because of that memory. I did end up making a very special item with it that honored Matthew, but making that piece started my journey of healing and finding joy again. I slowly began making other projects that had meaning to other people and that is how The Maykrs Den became a reality. I wanted to help others have personalized and meaningful pieces to treasure themselves… an old family recipe engraved on a cutting board, a loved one’s handwriting on a frame – anything that helps cherish a memory in a more tangible way.

      We all have life stories and things that mean something to each of us. I want to help make those stories become an heirloom piece that passes from one generation to another.


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